Friday, June 17, 2011

Companies supporting communities- Teatulia Tea

Another company I am completely in love with is Teatulia, a Colorado based tea purveyor bringing sourcing to whole new level of sustainability. Check out their video below.
The farm they source from is owned by the women of the village next to it, and the crew at Teatulia not only buys their tea but coaches them in sustainable farming practices, and they recently spent 3 weeks there to build a library.  They also engage in microfinance, as well as provide livestock and other life-improving services to the people in that region of Bangledesh.
Did I mention that their tea is fantastic? So fragrant, so fresh, it's like all that human goodness went into the product.  Also, besides organic farming, they only thing they add to their tea are herbs from the same area. Pure, unadulterated lemongrass, tulsi, and ginger, creating natural goodness without the suspicious words like "flavoring" or "spices". 
And their packaging is 100% biodegradable. No plastic (they do make a bioplastic derived eucalyptus leaves for their sample packages), no unnecessary individual wrappings for the tea bags, and you can throw container, tea and all in the yard waste bin.
For about ten dollars, you can get a container of 16 tea bags. This might sound pricey at first, but if you are the type normally uses two tea bags per mug, like me, then it is well worth it, because I can make a great mug of tea with just one bag.  You can also buy it in loose leaf and make it in your french press.  Overall a great product supporting community and sustainability in smart ways.

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  1. Thank you for this tip! I just bought my FAVE oolong today when I was in Wallingford but I will definitely have to try this stuff in the future.